• Ladies Finger

    RM 6.00

    Per 250 grams

  • Lettuce

    RM 5.75

    Per 250 grams

  • Brazilian Spinach

    RM 5.00

    Per 250 grams

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About Us

About the UCSI Organic Culture


UCSI Organic Culture has a speciality restaurant and retail shop that offers organic cuisine as part of the UCSI Group’s initiative to establish improved nutrition and healthy lifestyle among youths. It also offers the online retail option via its website.

UCSI Organic Culture utilises crops produced from the UCSI Organic Farm, a sustainable edible garden farming project in Cheras under the UCSI Group. It uses a ‘Pot-to-Pot’ concept whereby consumers may take freshly grown crops from the garden farm into the kitchen for immediate consumption...

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Why organic?

Stay green, stay young.

Pot to Pot. (P2P)

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